Founder and CEO

Mr. Al Mashni's amalgamation of experience, knowledge, and entrepreneurship has provided the vision and insight needed for growth in the global economy. Al Imran investment and International Consultancy company has a diverse business portfolio including real estate, interior design, civil engineering, oil, water treatment, and general trading partnerships in various companies in GCC region.

Mr. Al Mashni's vision of connecting businesses between the Middle East and Europe is now a reality and has championed many successful projects.


An accomplished business strategist and real estate executive with extensive experience in real estate development, project management, operations, global sales and marketing, and new business development. Specializing in luxury residential, hospitality and mixed-use projects, Ms. Miskuski’s multi-disciplinary skills and cross-cultural business acumen has advanced clients’ visions while achieving financial and business objectives.  She has built and managed high performance project teams for many leading real estate developers throughout multiple markets and has created and implemented integrated international sales strategies and marketing programs in North America, Asia, and Europe.


 A lawyer, corporate governance, and corporate compliance specialist, Ms. Bogojevic has been a corporate and legal advisor for many leading companies in both the public and private sectors as well as universities. She is innovative and pragmatic in her efforts to ensure the protection of clients' interests. Ms. Bogojevic has authored numerous professional articles, scientific papers, and co–authored books in the field of law and corporate governance. She actively participates in numerous national and international scientific meetings and was chosen to be a member of the working group for drafting the law on gender equality in the Republic of Serbia, the National strategy on gender equality, and subsequent action plan 2016 – 2018. Additionally, Ms. Bogojevic participated in the drafting of the Republic of Serbia Economic Reform Program.